ART G. MADLAING: GGCC hosts Soul Winners workshop in San Francisco

Do you have friends and family members that you want to help to go to heaven?  

If so, YOU are cordially invited to the upcoming SOUL WINNERS WORKHOP  on Saturday, November 19, 2022 9:00am to 3:00pm  at the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST (GGCC) Auditorium located at 701-8th Avenue (near Golden Gate Park), San Francisco, California 94118.

The workshop will be conducted by Evangelist Jon Rowe, Minister of the SOUTHWEST CHURCH OF CHRIST in Phoenix, Arizona, who is married to Razzle Rowe, Filipina registered nurse originally from Tayug, Pangasinan

The complete schedule of the workshop are as follows:  PRINCIPLES OF PREPARATION. 9:00–9:50am; PERSONAL EVANGELISM IN JESUS’LIFE, 10:00-10:50am; GENERATING A GOSPEL DISCUSSION, 11:00am  –11:50 am; LUNCH BREAK, 12-1:00pm; THE GOSPEL PRESENTATION  PART 1, 1-1;50pm; THE GOSPEL PRESENTATION  PART II, 2-3:00pm.

The WE CARE  Approach in Gospel Presentation  is the most friendly, non-threatening , very effective and practical way  of sharing the gospel  in its purity and simplicity to our FRANCS(Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Strangers) to encourage and help them go to heaven with us.  

Since using the WE CARE ApproachEvangelist Jon Rowe has personally converted more than 1,500 precious souls. His home congregation at the SOUTHWEST CHURCH OF CHRIST  in Phoenix, Arizona has on the average  converted  annually  60-70  precious souls who  obeyed the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:37-38)

GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST  (GGCC)has a historic and long-term relationship  with many congregations and brethren in the Philippines. The late brother Herman Trinidad, Jr. discovered providentially the old Records and Minutes of the GGCC Elders and Deacons Meetings in the late 40s and early 50s, few years before his death.

GGCC partially supported the late missionary Ralph Brashears and his wife when they started their mission work in the Philippines. They actually began their mission work in Tayug, Pangasinan where TAYUG CHURCH OF CHRIST(one of the earliest congregations) was established  Due to the hot weather in the lowland, Ralph Brashears  and his wife moved to Baguio City where they started the Philippine Bible College (PBC) and eventually established BAGUIO CHURCH OF CHRIST in Rimando Road, Baguio City, Philippines.

Together with sister congregations from Southern California, Texas, Oklahoma and other bible belt states the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST partially supported Ralph Brashears  in raising funds for the Philippine Bible College (PBC)building and dormitories.

Though the years, hundreds and thousands of young men and women from all over the Philippines and nearby Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore finished Associate in Theology and Bachelor of Theology from the Philippine Bible College like my beloved wife Virginia Jimenez Madlaing and the late brother Herman Trinidad, Jr.  

Many of these graduates are now serving as preachers, ministers, Bible and Christian colleges and universities professors, directors, presidents and elders of many congregations in the Philippines, United States, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore and other countries.

As book author, columnist  active Evangelist with the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST, I’ll be giving autographed copies of my latest books HISTORICITY OF JESUS subtitled “Facts and Evidences for Agnostics, Atheists, Believers and Christians” and “LIFESTYLE FOR LONGEVITY subtitled “How to be Healthy Emotionally, Financially, Physically, Sexually and SpirituallyJ” to attendees of the upcoming SOUL WINNERS WORKSHOP. RSVP: (650) 438-3531 or (415) 584-7095 or email:  

(ART GABOT MADLAING is accredited and commissioned Notary Public and licensed Real Estate Broker (DRE#00635976) in California since 1981. He is founder of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, FITNESS FOR HUMNITY (aka FITNESS FOR CHRIST) and ACAPINOY. Art is active Evangelist with the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST in San Francisco, California USA. )