EDITORIAL Support for California Governor Gavin Newsom stabilizes

CALIFORNIA Governor Newsom signing a legislation to expand Film and Television Tax Credit Program alongside film studio representatives, labor leaders and legislators

Support for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, facing a recall election later this month, has stabilized in recent weeks, and with good reason.

Perpetrators of the recall have exposed themselves to be little more than disgruntled Republicans salivating for a return to power in the Golden State, but with little to offer its residents.

At worst, their leading choice to handle the reins of California is a man with a questionable past, a 69-year-old talk show host who had put up a failed charity with no one knowing where the donations went.

Among his crackpot views is to abolish the IRS and dismantle a host of federal agencies, and to do away with food stamps which the less fortunate among us need to survive.

They may be dreaming of a repeat of two decades ago, when a bland governor was successfully recalled and a Republican was elected to replace him. That was the last time that California had a governor from the GOP. We hope that this remains the case.

Forget the personalities involved. California is now, and will be for the longest time, a blue state. The liberal values of the Democrats are a perfect fit for the state. It is where women are treated as equals to men, as well as the LGBTQ community. It is where big business is kept in check by the watchful eyes of the state government, which imposes taxes that are used to deliver the goods for its residents. It is where protecting the environment is a top priority.

And yes, it is a state that welcomes immigrants from all parts of the world with open arms regardless of their race or religious beliefs.

For all his shortcomings as a first-term governor, Newsom has done more than enough to justify the rejection of the recall. He has kept alive the spirit that made California such a great state. Because of its sheer size, the state has more problems than most others, and there is no one better equipped to handle them than the highly experienced Newsom.

It is fitting to remind all that the last time a successful recall of a Democratic governor, Gray Davis, took place was back in 2003, after which Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger – himself an immigrant — took over.

Schwarzenneger was more than a popular action star who had caught the fancy of California voters. His status as an immigrant who made good was what made him so attractive to the electorate.

Today, what makes Newsom so appealing to most is his solid background and his ability to focus on what is important, and what should be set aside for the meantime.

Initially, it was believed that Newsom would easily defeat the recall election. He seemed to prefer to concentrate on the work at hand rather than waste precious time campaigning.

This gave an opening to his detractors, who were able to gain political capital out of their questionable accusations against the governor.

That has changed. Now we see a Gavin Newsom facing friend and foe alike with the simple message that he has delivered.

And indeed, he has. For this reason, we see no reason why the state that we love should change course in midstream.

His only opponent is not the GOP but apathy on the part of Democratic voters. We therefore urge all left-leaning Californians to register and vote and stop the troublemakers from ruining our beloved home state.

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