Ina Raymundo’s Filipino-American son to play college baseball in US

INA RAYMUNDO'S son Jakob Portunak and husband Brian

Actress, model and singer Ina Raymundo is excited as her son has made it to a college baseball team in the United States as her daughter started studying in college also in US.

Ina, 45, whose real name is Rina Marie Padilla Raymundo, beaming with pride, reported the milestones of her two children with husband Ukrainian-Canadian Brian Portunak, in her social media account and reported in Manila media, including ABS-CBN.

Ina and Brian’s two children are Erika Rae and Jakob Portunak. They were married since 2003.The couple have three other children, namely, Mikaela Jade, Anika Sage and Minka Eve.

Jakob made it to Xavier University’s baseball team, she said.

In her Instagram account, Ina said her son’s  achievement was a result of many years of hard work and dedication.

“My son is now officially a Xavier Musketeer. To be playing D1 college baseball is one of the best achievements in your life, Jakob. We are so proud of you,” she said in the caption of her Instagram post

Jacob will be suiting up for the Cincinnati-based Musketeers in NCAA Division 1, which features major collegiate athletic powers in the US, according to the reports.

“But of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the 101% support you get from your dad. I’ve witnessed the best teamwork between the two of you, that also includes Coach Alex, thank you. Thank you Lord, for orchestrating all these blessings,” the actress-singer added.

Last August,  according to ABS-CBN, Ina saw off daughter Erika Rae to college in the US.

Erika, Raymundo’s eldest child with husband Brian Poturnak, was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

After graduating high school last year, Erika signed with the local talent agency Cornerstone Entertainment, it was reported.

“It’s bittersweet to see my firstborn leave for college. Well, goodbye for now @erikarae.p. We will miss you and your craziness. We love you, ate and we wish you all the best,” Ina said in August on Instagram.

In her social media posts, Erika has been giving her followers a glimpse of her singing talent

Aside from singing, Erika has been widely praised for her beauty and sensual appeal.