Isko Moreno assures support for farmers

FORMER MANILA MAYOR Francisco Domagoso, popularly known as Isko Moreno , in a file photo

DAGUPAN CITY – Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has vowed full government support and protection to farmers from Northern and Central Luzon if he gets elected in the coming May 2022 polls.

During his visit to the provinces of La Union and Pangasinan, Domagoso promised he would prioritize the farmers’ plight to ensure food security in the country.

He said it is disheartening to note that farm products from the regions are slowly being overtaken by imported products readily available in the market.

“Tingnan mo yung bawang, iba na, at marami ng nawawala dala ng importation nung mga Taiwan garlic at garlic sa China. Sa Central Luzon, umiiiyak ngayon ang ating magsisibuyas, dahil baha ang imported na sibuyas, dahil pinayagan natin (Look at our garlic that is slowly diminishing because of imported garlic from Taiwan and China. In Central Luzon, our onion farmers are lamenting because there are so many imported onions in the market because we have allowed them),” he added.

If he gets the chance to serve as the leader of the country, Domagoso said one of his first policies is the issuance of clear guidelines on the strict importation of agricultural products.

This way, he said, local farmers would be protected and assured local agricultural products would be given priority in the market.

He added that he would also be on the lookout for illegal smuggling of agricultural products.

Farmers will be given assistance to help them lower the cost of agricultural production which will result in the lowering of prices of local produce to be able to compete in the market.

Among the factors that contribute to the high prices of local agricultural products is the high cost of fertilizers, which has increased by almost 100 percent in a year, Domagoso said.

He added that it’s high time for the country not to depend on imports and to invest instead in the local farmers by providing them with risk-free capital, building more irrigation systems, and improving the efficiency of existing ones.

Moreover, the government should also lead the effort to help farmers adopt new technologies and help them increase their productivity, and establish post-harvest facilities and cold storage facilities in different parts of the country.

During his visit to the North, known to be the bailiwick of another presidential bet, Manila Mayor Domagoso said he would be happy if he gets even just a small portion of votes from the region, as he presents himself to the Ilocanos as an alternative candidate.

“Masaya na akong makakuha ng konting boto sa lugar na ito. Bawat boto mahalaga. Sana sa mga Ilocano sa Northern Luzon, pahingi naman po ng inyong konting boto. Kahit kaunti, pandagdag din (I would be happy to have my share of votes from this area. Every vote is important. I ask the Ilocano’s in Northern Luzon, please give me some of your votes, that would be an additional vote for me),” Domagoso said.