Julia Barretto ready to say ‘yes’ to Gerald, tells Joshua not have girlfriend yet

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson: Ready to settle down?

Actress Julia Barretto has revealed she feels so lucky to be with her boyfriend, actor Gerald Anderson, and said she is ready to say “yes” if the 33-year-old actor asks to marry her.

Julia described Gerald as “Somebody who can guide me, just in life, in general. Who can ground me, who can put sense in my head and I can talk to him about anything and he puts everything into perspective for me.”

Before Gerald, Julia, 25, was linked with her co-star Joshua Garcia, 24, and their separation became controversial in the same way that Gerald allegedly “abandoned” her girlfriend, actress Bea Alonzo.
Despite the controversial separation of Julia and Joshua, Julia admitted they have not stopped talking with each other, adding that their communication lines are always open.

In an interview with Boy Abunda for his YouTube series, Barretto confessed that she would say yes if her boyfriend Gerald  would propose to her.

“Yes [I would agree to marry him],” she said quickly after Abunda threw the question, according to ABS-CBN.

When asked if she is frightened by marriage, Barretto said: “I am not scared. Marriage [is] exciting. I am curious.”

According to the actress, she is grateful for Anderson for constantly leading her to the right direction.

In the same interview with Boy Abunda on YouTube and reported on by Manila media, including Evelyn Diao of Maharlika TV,  Julia admitted that she gave her ex-boyfriend Joshua a piece of advice, not to have a girlfriend yet.
Julia said she feels that it would just be a hindrance to Joshua’s showbiz career.
Julia said: “I tell him, ‘How are you? May girlfriend ka na ba? Huwag ka munang maggi-girlfriend.’ Sabi niya sa akin, ‘Ba’t ba ayaw mo ako magka-girlfriend?’ Sabi ko, ‘Basta, huwag ka muna magka-girlfriend. Enjoy what you have now.’”
“Because he’s young and he’s in his prime and he’s a brilliant actor. It’s not the time to be limited right now. I want him to really enjoy his time,” she said referring to Joshua.
But when asked whether Joshua has directly asked her why she chose Gerald Anderson over him, Julia stressed that their conversation did not come to that point.
Gerald became Julia’s boyfriend after her controversial separation with Joshua.
“Walang ganung tanungan. Pero asaran. Pero walang ganung tanong,” Julia stated.
The actress added, “I think one of the things I really appreciate about it is. he respects Ge a lot, and that says a lot about Josh as well and how much he has grown and matured.
“He respects Ge, and that means a lot to me.”
Julia also said that Joshua has not asked her any personal questions.
Julia said she is now happy with her boyfriend Gerald.
“I always tell him how lucky I feel to be with somebody who can guide me, just in life in general, who can ground me, who can put sense in my head. I can talk to him about anything. He puts everything into perspective for me,” Julia stated.