Matteo Guidicelli hints at possible Sarah Geronimo pregnancy

SARAH GERONIMO and husband Matteo Guidicelli planting a coconut seedling in Amanpulo: expecting a stork?

By Jeanne Michael Penaranda

Is Sarah Geronimo pregnant?

The poser was raised by many netizens after Sarah’s husband, Matteo Guidicelli hinted the possibility that the singer and actress could be pregnant at last.

The hint was  just a one-sentence caption.

 Matteo  got the fans speculating that wife Sarah may be pregnant with their first child.
As of press time, there is no official confirmation on the speculations that Sarah is pregnant.
On 16 August, the actor-singer posted in his Instagram account two photos of himself at a park, with one of them showing him playing hop scotch. He captioned it, “I’m thinking of getting a new family SUV..”

The post had since sparked speculations that Matteo is hinting about Sarah’s pregnancy, with netizens taking to the comments to ask the same question.

One of his photos showed him playing hopscotch or piko.

Instagram users commented that Sarah might be expecting and Matteo might be hinting at playing with their baby soon.

“Omgee! Preggy na si Sarah G??” @wilvie_11 commented.

“Is this another endorsement from Nissan or just a hidden message to your caption?” @mitchnepacina_salalila wrote.

“Family means a baby on the way…” @shapppopay commented.

Last July, a video of Sarah blowing the candles in her birthday cake was posted online. Matteo was watching from the side and reminded Sarah to wish for “babies.”

“Babies! Babies, ha?” he said.

Sarah and Matteo celebrated their first wedding anniversary last February.

In May, A baby picture kept flashing during the Zoom online media conference with Matteoi earlier for his new iWant documentary “Ranger G.” asked the actor: “Is that your baby with Sarah Geronimo?”

With many on lockdown, a baby boom is predicted post-quarantine, but Matteo disclosed that he and Sarah are not hopping into the new parents’ bandwagon — just yet.

“I don’t think so, not yet. We’re just enjoying our time together after all these years. Hopefully in the right time,” the singer said, dispelling speculations that his “Popstar Royalty” wife is already pregnant.

“Not yet, not yet! Ako ‘yan n’ung baby ako!” he quipped about the baby picture shown onscreen.

“I’ve been very blessed to get married before the quarantine, the pandemic started,” he told Manila Standard during the same teleconference.