NEWSFLASH!!! Newsom seeks President Biden emergency declaration for California’s response to deadly storms

FLOOD SAFETY PROJECT. Governor Gavin Newsom inspects a flood safety project along Deer Creek in Sacramento County amid the storm that hit the state

By Claire Morales True

SACRAMENTO – As winter storms continue to pummel California, Governor Gavin Newsom requested the White House to issue a Presidential Emergency Declaration to support ongoing storm response and recovery efforts.

If approved, the declaration will activate the full weight of the federal government behind California’s storm response and allow the state to immediately access federal resources and personnel, Newsom said in a statement sent to Philippine News Today. 

Also Sunday, Governor Newsom visited two sites along Deer Creek in Sacramento County to highlight the state’s work to repair damage from earlier storms and prepare for incoming severe weather. The Governor also announced $202 million in new investments for long-term flood prevention proposed in the upcoming state budget.

Since late December, 12 Californians have died from storm-related impacts, including flooding – more than the number of civilians who lost their lives to wildfires in the past two years combined.

“We are in the middle of a deadly barrage of winter storms – and California is using every resource at its disposal to protect lives and limit damage,” said Governor Newsom. “We are taking the threat from these storms seriously, and want to make sure that Californians stay vigilant as more storms head our way.”

The state of emergency continues to be in effect throughout California to support the ongoing response to recent winter storms, Newsom said.

Last week, Governor Newsom activated the State Operations Center to its highest level, and the state and federal government have stood up the Flood Operations Center, which covers forecasting, reservoir operations coordination, and provides technical support as well as flood fighting materials like sandbags for local government agencies. (