PHL embassy in US warns vs scam on Pinoys

PHILIPPINE AMBASSADOR to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Philippine Embassy in Washington has warned Filipinos against scammers and fraud schemes targeting them.
The scammers and fraud schemes claim “to be part of or associated with the Philippine Embassy and/or the Philippine Ambassador,” the embassy said in an advisory posted on its website.

These scammers and fraud schemes have expanded to social media and social networking platforms to victimize Filipinos, the embassy said.

“The Embassy notes that it (scammers) currently operates using its official and verified emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account,” it said.

The embassy urged Filipinos to remain vigilant and on heightened awareness and report to the Embassy or the Consulate General in all the posts in US any attempt to scam them “when contacted by unverified and unofficial social media profiles claiming to be Philippine officials.

It said Filipinos should be wary and cautious especially when their personal and banking information are asked for, or they are requested to make a financial contribution.

“By reporting, raising awareness, and denouncing these illegal and shameful acts done by unlawful individuals/organizations, the Embassy — along with our Consulates General and other Philippine agencies operating in the United States — hopes to maintain a safe, trustworthy, and secure environment for our Filipino communities,” it said.