Sharon Cuneta turned away at Hermes, splurges at Louie Vitton store in South Korea

SHARON CUNETA at the Louie Vitton store and passing by the Hermes store in South Korea

Actress and singer Sharon Cuneta trended the past days after her post on being turned away at at Hermes story while vacationing with family in South Korea went viral.

After Hermes at Shinesagae, Myeongdong reportedly turned her away, she and group moved to nearby Louie Vitton store where they splurged with purchases which they later showed off to Hermes as they went away.

Sharon, wife of former Senator Francis Pangilinan, later updated her social media post promoting the third part of her South Korea vlog, which documented the incident.

She told her fans as ABS-CBN reported that they have no reason to feel bad about what happened to her, explaining that the restrictions have more to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Don’t feel bad about Hermes not letting me in! Lots, if not all name-brand stores, even in the US, allow a certain number of people in at a time. Sometimes 10 lang, while the others wait in line outside of the store. Lots also ask you to make an appointment. COVID measures nila ‘yan so okay lang,” she said in an ABS-CBN report.

“Sayang lang talaga, belt lang naman ang balak ko eh, kaya ayoko pumapasok sa ibang store na di ko plano puntahan. Ang dami kong nakikita eh!” she added in jest.

In the vlog, Cuneta and her companions passed by Hermes again, while carrying all of her purchases from Louis Vuitton.

She then told the salesman, “No more, I buy everything,” while pointing at her shopping bags.

Sharon also included a scene from the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman” in her vlog. In the clip, lead star Julia Roberts showed her shopping bags to a saleswoman who said that their products are “too expensive” for her.
A vlogger from Korea later said Sharon was not turned away by Hermes after talking to an official of the store who said that the store was observing protocol and letting in only a number of guests due to Covid-19.

“There was no ‘turning away, Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, kawawa, na-discriminate na eksena’ na nangyari,” the vlogger Tey Samchon said in

“It was simple as Miss Sharon Cuneta went to Hermés, either nagpalista siya or she walked away. She wasn’t turned away,” said Tey who also observed that Sharon failed to wear facemask at times while inside the Louie Vitton store. (Jeanne Michael Penaranda)