Society of Philippine Surgeons celebrates 50th year of service in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS – The Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, including their members in Canada, is commemorating its half a century of service to healthcare in North America and its humanitarian endeavors to aid the poor in the Philippines.

          SPSA Fellows, surgeons from around the United States and Canada, are coming to Las Vegas for this historic golden celebration at the Casear’s Palace, October 19-21, 2022, according to SPSA President Honorio M. Cruz, MD, FACS.


          This renowned exclusive society of Filipino surgeons of various sub-specialties was established in San Francisco in 1972, with Hernan M. Reyes as Founding President. A number of them are in academia, Professors, Chiefs of Surgery, and medical staff presidents in various medical centers around the United States and Canada.


          A 450-page SPSA Golden Yearbook, a historic account of the association and compendium of the contributions, achievements, and legacy of its members, is to be presented to each SPSA Fellow during its Golden Gala Dinner-Ball on Friday, October 21st, together with its 84-page supplement, the SPSA Golden Souvenir Journal.


          These two highly treasured books are given free, one per each SPSA Fellow. Those interested to obtain a second or more copies may order them by sending a donation of $75 per additional copy (net cost of printing, handling, and postage, which could be tax-deductible expenses) to Dr. Danny C. Fabito, at 6781 Ivory Sage Street, Las Vegas, NV 89148. These are both limited edition books and are available only while they last.


          Among the 14 news SPSA Fellows inducted to the Society during the Gala was a Nun surgeon, Sister Eva Fidel Maamo, MSLP, MD, of Paranque, Metro Manila, Philippines, reported Ed Gamboa, MD, FACS, Membership Chairman of Membership.


         Dr. Daniel C. Fabito, MD, FACS, FPCS, Past President and now Executive Director, said the complimentary Welcome Dinner at the NoyPitz Bar and Grill on South Las Vegas, was very well attended.


          “Las Vegas is a fantastic city. The Golden Gala Dinner-Dance at the Caesar’s Emperor’s Ballroom was a great success and a wonderful historical epilogue, a grand legacy of the SPSA as it embarks into its next chapter, its new voyage, SPSA 2.0,” states SPSA Golden Convention Chairman Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS.


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