The true tall tale of the Wuhan Lab

This week, the Wuhan Lab origin story of Covid-19 was resurrected on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. It appeared on the Monday, May 24, 2021 edition in the lower right-hand corner with the title, “Report on Wuhan Lab Fuels Covid-19 Debate.”

According to said article, there were three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology who were sufficiently sick in November of 2019 to seek hospital care. The source was a US intelligence report. Subsequent reports said the researchers had come down with symptoms of Covid-19.

This newspaper was one of the first to opine on the potential Wuhan Lab origin in late January of 2020, fifteen months ago. The title of the piece was “n-Cov produced at China Lab?” and, sadly, cannot be found online today. In January of 2020, the novel coronavirus that had just emerged and did not yet have its official name of Sars-Cov-2 nor was the official disease named Covid-19. Back then, the mysterious spreading virus was called nCov-2019.

I bring this up because of the unusual disregard with which the potential Wuhan origin of the virus was largely dismissed by the mainstream US media. It seemed to be more believable that a bat coming out of a cave transmitted the virus to a human or that someone at the Wuhan wet market ate infected bat meat. When these origin stories (that made Chinese culture culpable instead of the Chinese government) may have led to the animosity towards Asian people that today is being highlighted by the #StopAsianHate campaign. The media not only disregarded the Wuhan lab story but refuted it. Because I wrote about it, I followed it closely and was surprised to see a New York Times news recap for a day in April of 2020 stating that theories that the coronavirus came from a Wuhan lab were unfounded. Interesting. Last I checked, you can’t prove a negative.

This begs the question: why would the liberal press suppress such a viable story? Since it is news as of this minute that Biden is asking for an investigation into the Wuhan lab origin, I am assuming that it is finally a viable story. Is there some truth to the theory that liberal journalists at the New York Times and Washington Post have to refer to a guidebook on the appropriate narrative? If so, who paid to have the Wuhan lab theory protected from dissemination?

When I wrote about it fifteen months ago, I presented a few facts. First, there was a gene sequencing of a coronavirus that was recorded and uploaded to GenBank (a database for geneticists) in 2015 that exactly matched and early sequencing of the novel coronavirus that we all know too well. I also mentioned that RNA changes when it travels through a population. That must be obvious to everyone on this planet given the number of variants the virus now has. The fact that there was an exact match of the 2019 version with a 2015 version points to the extremely strong possibility that the virus was sitting in a Petri dish, probably in a refrigerator, in Wuhan, China. (The 2015 sequencing came from a China lab.)

If you read my original article and have watched this story unfold, this should raise your eyebrows. Someone in the US media was watching China’s back on this one. It not only flies in the face of truth-reporting, it has endangered Asian-Americans as well as Asians throughout the world since we as people are taking the blame for something that is most likely the fault of the Chinese Communist Party and the institutions it employs.