US Pinoys group mounts support for Bongbong, Sara

FORMER MILPITAS MAYOR Joe Esteves (seated, 3rd from left) with Dagupan City Mayor Brian Lim (seated, center), Dagupan envoy Melandrew Velasco and others in a 2020 meeting in Milpitas

By Jo Erlinda Maufit
SAN FRANCISCO, California — Big groups of Filipinos living in the United States and Canada have declared support for the presidential bid of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
This was gathered by journalist and former supporter of the late President Marcos Teddy Molina who is now based in Hercules, California as well as groups in New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Texas and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.
 Molina who spearheaded the effort to organize US-based Pinoys into firming up support for Bongbong Marcos said that the group’s top leaders includes former six-term Mayor Jose Esteves of Milpitas, California and Honolulu, Hawaii top business leader Lito Alcantra.
 The group called US Pinoys’ Alliance for Bongbong Marcos (USPA for BBM) are rallying their fellow compatriots in their respective jurisdictions to throw their support for Marcos Jr., it was learned,
It was gathered that several groups are also supporting Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, saying they are sold to the Marcos call for unity for progress and growth in the Philippines.
Molina, in a telephone call with Esteves, learned that the former mayor has been touch with other Filipino leaders in Silicon Valley.
Earlier, Alcantra, who owns Group Builders, a big engineering and construction firm in Hawaii, had pledged his commitment for Marcos Jr.
He narrated how he was in close contact with the late president and his family and supported them, along with other Filipinos mostly Ilocanos, when they were living in exile in Honolulu.
Alcantara is a popular figure in Hawaii who has been helping his compatriots.
Molina also disclosed that Filipinos in Canada are also mobilizing their own group for Marcos Jr. The group is led by his son Clarence Jacques Molina who is based in Calgary.
A law graduate of MLQU in Manila, Clarence is serving as chief of staff of a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Alberta, Canada. His office deals with a lot of Filipinos.